"To nurture a vibrant and active community of photographers, filmmakers and multimedia practitioners committed to producing quality, in-depth, independent documentary work on the developing social landscape of Myanmar and its people.”


Development of a program of workshops and events with local and international photographers and filmmakers.


Hosting of documentary photography exhibitions and screening of documentary film and multimedia.

Project Support

Support for documentary photography, film and multimedia projects related to Myanmar and its people.

One of the major obstacles faced by local photographers in Myanmar is the lack of educational and library resources and in 2016 we finally set up the first public photobook library and resource centre in the country. But we need more, so we're on the hunt for:

Monographs, photobooks, technical manuals, theoretical texts - anything on photography or filmmaking!

In January we be worked on a project with the amazing people from Statement Arts who collected books for us from their generous circle of friends and colleagues in the US. The US embassy in Myanmar kindly gave us assistance with shipping and we've now made our dream of a real photobook library in Myanmar a reality. We have already received help from amazing people such as the Aperture Foundation and the Photographic Center Northwest, and had this wonderful shout-out from National Geographic photography genius Joe McNally, but we want more!

So, how can you help?

Use an international courier (such as DHL) and address your donations to:

Myanmar Deitta

3rd floor, Number 49.

44th Street, Botahtaung,


I don't have any books but I'd still like to support...

Share this page with your friends, family, colleagues! Know someone at a publishing house? Forward it to them! Went to school with the head of Steidl? Put them in touch!

Or just send us a message via our contact page to see how you can help. Thank you!