Writing with Light

Writing with Light

Photo Exhibition by Ziv Koren

18th - 30th January 2016 | Daily | 10am - 5pm

Myanmar Deitta

The Exhibition 'Writing with Light' focuses on the importance of light as the main raw material in the art of photography, revealing a less familiar aspect of the creator, photographer Ziv Koren. Koren's sensitivity to the light source and the shadows that appear before his eyes are manifested in this collection of 50 black and white photographs taken over the last decade in Israel and around the world.

The exhibition is influenced by Ziv's internal world and his unique worldview, which succeeds in capturing the essence of light in all its varied forms: sunlight, fog, nighttime shadows, the penetrating ray, the illuminated city, the streetlight and the dark alley and, especially, the human being as he appears in the light, in the shade, and in the space connecting them. From the complexity of his approach, and the abundant thought that led to each photograph, one can see that Ziv's passion burns inside of him. He works hard to understand the medium, its possibilities and its limitations, and he relentlessly challenges his thinking and his vision.