Mothers of Patience

In collaboration with Yangon Photo Festival we will be opening our brand new gallery space with Fatemeh Behboudi's award-winning series 'Mothers of Patience'.

Statement from the photographer:

The war between Iran and Iraq started on September 22, 1980, and over the next 8 years more than 200,000 Iranian soldiers lost their lives.

After the war it was revealed that the bodies of more than 10,000 Iranians were still missing. In recent years, the bodies of 5,000 Iranian soldiers have been found in the Iranian territories, but due to their unknown identities they have been registered as anonymous martyrs and buried. At present the bodies of 7,000 Iranians are still in the Iraqi territories.

This is a story of the mothers of those missing Iranian martyrs 25 years later, narrating how they have spent their years in pain, expectation, love, and with the never-ending hope of finding their sons. They are waiting to find the bodies of their children in the last days of their own lives.

I was born during this war and my childhood and youth were spent in the name of war. Every day I heard of the corpses of soldiers being brought back and I went with my family to welcome the bodies of the unknown martyrs. I saw mothers searching for the bodies of their sons.

Wars never really end. Blood is the heavy price that humans pay for their survival, and survivors are the other victims. Despite being alive they sustain the damages of war. These include the mothers of those soldiers who have gone to war only for their bodies to never be returned.

Mothers of Patience

Photo Exhibition

17th-28th February 2015 | Tues-Sat | 10am-5pm

Myanmar Deitta

Opening event: Monday 16th Feruary, 6.30pm